Monday, April 13, 2009


PS, my other blogs are still being updated, because they take less mental energy to write!

This blog is going into hiatus until November 2009. The reason for this is that I don't have time to write at the moment. I've incredibly busy in the garden, which takes several hours a day, and I also have an Open University course to work at. Together with minding the house, and taking Pippa for walks, this doesn't leave enough time to make the regular commitment to writing which I am determined on.

So rather than keep making excuses to myself, I am calling a halt on this blog and I will be back here in November.

These are the writing-related blogs which I will return to reading then:

Best wishes,



James said...

You sure it's not just because you're scared of your readers? ;-)

EB said...
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BT said...

That sounds like an excellent idea, EB. No point in getting stressed. Enjoy the garden while it's Summer, and your family, and of course your OU course.

Elizabeth said...

I once wrote a book but luckily my mother didn't recognize herself.
she probably thought all mothers were exactly like her.
One's family are the LAST people one wants to read one's work.
sorry you are going on hiatus just when I have discovered you.

Kim and Victoria said...

I could never keep up with two blogs (haven't tried, but just know it would never happen.) Great idea to take a break for gardening.