Thursday, September 13, 2007

This blogging lark

I've been writing a blog for about three weeks now, first elsewhere and then here, so I'm having a think about it all.

So far I've had 2 comments, both from this lovely lady in Kentucky: - she has lots of dogs and posts super pictures and sweet stories about them. I wonder how she found me? I wonder also why nobody else comments. I'm a beginner, I must be getting loads wrong, but if everyone just keeps quiet about it I'll never know and just bumble along none the wiser.

And I've one other link, from Holly of which is called "A Liberal Life". Holly is a keen Lib Dem (and a keen lots of things actually!)

I know only too well how Holly found me though: I have been badgering just about everyone I know, and many who I really don't know, to come and read my stuff here. It should be embarrassing and that it isn't is probably not a good sign about me. Sorry.

Please let me know what you think of the show so far - which sort of post do you like to read most, is there anything that bugs you about the blog (other than my harping on about it), anything else you'd like see here?


Anonymous said...

Having this morning returned to work from a 2 week holiday I find myself saying goodbye to the good mood I've enjoyed for 14 days and hello to the sorry acceptance of London bustle. The sardines I've watched swimming in crystal clear waters may now have been canned: this morning on the train I knew exactly how they'd feel.

So I thought I'd brighten my day with a look at Emily's blog. But I read about not drunk guy (who is now presumably not breathing guy). My sadness is growing. Perhaps lunch will help.

EB said...

Do you know, I've never pictured sardines as real fish swimming about, other than in tomato sauce...
Cheers for that - have a fish paste sarnie!

David said...

I wouldn't worry about links -- you already expect to be famous after two weeks?

FWIW, I enjoy your literary posts, in the strong belief that long words are good for me. So just keep blogging for your own enjoyment and see if and when the world finds you.

Have fun out here in cyberspace.

PS these verification words are difficult to get right!

PBXX said...

Have you thought of professionally writing - probably fiction? You write so well! I can see you in your wainwright chair (Haven't got that right) scripting a plot...
Should blog entries be more entertaining? I'll try harder next time.

EB said...

Right, well I'd better write some more things other than self contemplation.
Thank you very much for commenting.

Patience-please said...

I found you because you listed writing as one of our interests (and maybe dogs, too?) in your profile, as did I. I am also new at this - one month - and I was curious to see what else was out there.
One way to get more readers is to visit other blogs. I call it "blog whoring" but I've actually found some quite good writers (and dog people).
I've also found a lot of bad writing, but that's ok; it makes me feel better.
I received my issue of Writer's Digest, and found two pearls in it so far:
2. the suggestion to do 5 things to promote your book (or your writing if you don't have a book)every day.
More than you asked for, but that's how I found you and I think you have talent.
all the best-
Patience from Kentucky

EB said...

More than I asked for, but //exactly// what I wanted to know! Thank you very very much, I will keep what you say in mind and take it up. I have indeed been looking around the blogs. There seems to be far more good visual content than verbal; I will keep looking.

niobe said...

It takes a long, long time to get people to start reading and commenting on your blog. Lots of people like to just read for awhile, to get a sense of who you are, before they jump in and start commenting. If you can find a group of bloggers with similar concerns and interests, it's a little easier to get plugged in. I guess I'd like to get a bit better sense of who you are, but since you haven't been blogging for all that long yet, I might be asking for too much too soon.

I think I went months before I had even a single comment, but I wasn't really expecting that anyone else would have any interest in my blog.

EB said...

Thank you for that Niobe, I see that my expectations were unrealistic. I'll persist and travel hopefully.

Marion said...

I enjoy your writing, Emily. Its dreamy and kind of wistful. It would be good if you could find a way of getting some of your work published... or does this count as published? I'm not a regular blog reader; I'm more of a curl up on the sofa with a good book reader. There must be so much stuff out there, how can you make your voice heard?

EB said...

Thank you marion. I don't know about publication. Well, it's more that I'm inclined to do a lot more practising yet before I investigate it, but I hope to get there in the end.